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Taxation without Representation by: Mrs. Pittman

As a result they got a lot of money and great Britain had debt. So they had to protect the colonies. But this is not war. They just needed money. At the end the colonist did not seem to like it.

It seems that the colonist did not agree with the taxation.

I can see that people were frightened because certain groups burned stamps and threatened stamps agents. And sometimes attack agents house.

Merchants that boycotted the people who sold these goods.

Tariff or tax including paper,wool,glass,paint,led.Townshend made money for Great Britain. Colonists boycotted many of the taxed items. The colonist acted and that ended in a chain reaction of boycotts.

Fighting for our Rights!

The Declaration of Independence is finally going to give equal rights to all citizens!

  1. England's treatment of the colonies was unjust.
  2. People have a right to certain freedoms which were taken from the colonists.
  3. People have a right to leave a government which disallows these freedoms.

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Stamp Act

The Shot heard around the World: Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was not really supposed to happen. It all started when....
What goods are we being taxed on?

Why are we being taxed for a debt we did not contribute to?

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