Out of My Mind

Sharon M. Draper


Melody is an eleven girl who has a disease called cerebral palsy. She is very smart, but can't talk, walk, or grab things. She also has a photographic memory. Her doctor called her retarded because she failed all of the tests he gave her because she can't pick up things, walk, or say many things Molly and Claire always are being rude to her. They call her stupid and thought her brain was messed up like her looks are. Melody has a helper named Catherine who helps her at school. She makes sure Melody gets to her places on time. Sometimes Melody gets in trouble for things she doesn't do like when her fish Ollie jumps out of his bowl, she tried saving his life, and her mom came in and blamed her for tipping the bowl over.

Melody is smart and tries to show it. Catherine helped Melody get this device called a Medi-Talker. It was a talking device which stored sentences, words, and anything Melody wanted to say in it, and she used that to communicate. Melody's History/Social Studies teacher Mr. Dimming thinks Melody isn't smart. To prove him wrong, Melody tries out for the Whiz Kids Competition and makes the team. She practices all every night because she wants to get better. They go to the competition, win, and went to the championships in D.C. Melody and her family wake up early the day they go to D.C. and head to the airport. They get there and find out their flight had been canceled, and the team left without Melody. Melody gets upset, but gets over it.

Melody wanted to show everyone that it didn't bug her that they left her and wanted to go school the next day. That day was very hectic. Melody missed the bus, her mom was called into work, and her dad didn't go into work because he hurt his hand.

Melody's mom was frustrated, and it was raining outside so it was harder for her to get Melody's seat into the car. Mrs. Brooks forgot Melody's bag inside and so her dad brought it out. Mr. Brooks and Penny go back inside and Penny comes running out to give Mrs. Brooks an umbrella. Melody saw Penny come out and threw one of her "tornadoes" (temper tantrum) to tell her mom about Penny, and her mom scolded her and told her to settle down. As she was backing up she felt a bump and realized it was Penny. Melody ends up not going to school because of the incident, so the next day when she returned the team was back from D.C., and Melody confronts them. They try and give her their 9th place trophy, but Melody knocks it down and says she doesn't want it and go out of the room.


Mrs. V is my next door neighbor and basically my babysitter. She helps me with everything. When I was little the doctors thought I would never be able to do normal things that a baby does. Mrs. V used to put me on a blanket and lay me on my stomach and put my toys to the side and tell me to roll to it if I wanted it. She would tell me I could do anything if I put my mind to it. After a few times Mrs. V had taught me how to roll over. When I had gotten my Medi-Talker my mom let me and Mrs. V open it up right away that day after school. Mrs. V helped me put words and phrases into the talker so I could just hit word or phase and it would say it for me . Mrs. V always tries to help the best she could. She is the best babysitter and neighbor around.

Melody Brooks


Catherine is Melody's helper in school. She helps Melody get to places, go to the bathroom, and before Melody got her Medi-talker wrote her answers down. Catherine help Melody search for a talker to make it easier for her to communicate. She also feeds Melody. Claire and Molly always give Melody and Catherine a hard time and say Catherine cheats and gives Melody the answers. Catherine is also a college student.


Claire is the "bully" in the book. She always says Catherine helps Melody cheat. Her and her friend Molly saw Melody for the very first time and laughed at her. The teacher kept telling them to knock it off, but they continue. They always whisper things to Melody's friend Rose, and Molly and Claire always make fun of Melody and the kids from room H-5 that have disabilities and their differences. They call Melody a retard because of her looks. When Melody got a perfect on the quiz to see who would be on the Whiz Kid team, Claire realized not all of Melody was messed up and she was really smart, but they continue to still make fun.