Sea ice is a great vacation

By MIchael Sanders

Where you are going!

You will be traveling to the southern ocean and the average salinity is 37psu and the average temperature is -76 degrees Fahrenheit. The depth is 80,000 feet and the average density is 100 kg/m cubed.
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Things to do

You can go scuba diving if you bring the right equipment, you will need a more advanced suit because of the cold temperatures in the water. You could also go fishing in little holes on the ice and catch some good fish.

All about the science

  • There aren't many invasive species in the arctic because humans are the ones who come in and affect the climate and they may be bring in an invasive species.
  • The ocean doesn't affect the organisms in my zone much at all because all of the organisms are well adapted to the cold weather and the ice so they survive.
  • There is oil in this ocean zone and there is also fresh water reserves in the sea ice itself.
  • Humans move into the arctic and scare away the animals which ultimately affects the habitat of the animals.
  • One way to protect this ocean zone is to stay away from it because if we don't then the animals will soon leave.
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Sea floor attractions

There are stingrays on the ocean floor, there are also fish down there that have antifreeze in their blood to keep them alive.