Mrs. Faccio's 4th Grade Newsletter

March 12, 2015

What's Up in the Classroom?

Reading - I will be testing the students on theme, main idea and summarizing during the week of the 23rd. We have been doing a lot of practice and I think they are ready to share their knowledge through an assessment.

Writing - We are done with our final copies of the biographies and are now working on all the things that go with it (nameplate for backdrop, drawn picture of person, Kahoot for the quiz, speeches for the museum, etc.).

Spelling - We did our normal spelling groups this week and will continue to do them next week as well.

Math - We are testing our understanding or fraction equivalence and ordering today and starting decimals on Monday.

Science - The students are doing a wonderful job exploring our astronomy modules in Schoology. They are filling out a journal to share their understanding with me. This journal will be their final grade so we've talked a lot about effort!

Music Selection for Lineville

Yesterday, we went to Lineville to listen to the orchestra, band and choir. The students were very well behaved and very excited about the chance to decide what they'd like to do at Lineville to fulfill their music requirement. The deadline for this decision is March 27. You can either click below or visit our planner page to get the link needed to sign up.

Music Selection Link

Wax Museum Parent Letter

Please click the "Sign Up" link below for some important reminders about our Wax Museum. Within the letter, you'll find a Google Form in which to confirm your child's attendance at the museum. We will need a count of all the students participating in the museum by March 16. For students that are not able to attend, we will still hang their backdrops and have an iPad available (with them taped doing their speech) for people to view.

Sign up

Interest Fair, Carnival and Early Release

Don't forget to come to the Interest Fair tonight! The students have worked so hard to show their projects. The Fair will take place in the gym from 6-8.

Our Spring Carnival is tomorrow from 5:30-8. Please come and enjoy some fun activities with your family!

Early release is tomorrow as well. Students will be dismissed at 1:20.