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Supports apply some compression to sore knees to help

How to Protect the Knee Before or After an Injury

An ACL tear is one of the most common injuries athletes experience. People that take part in any sport are at risk, but activities like basketball, soccer or running cause the most problem. The tears occur when people turn or pivot quickly and the injury can be either a minor inconvenience or a serious health concern. Protecting the knee prevents future injuries and it is something every athlete should consider.

Prevent Initial Injury

The use of knee braces and supports does not need to wait until after an injury takes place. A brace gives more stability when moving and helps to prevent the misalignment that can lead to a tear. Parents may want their student-athletes to choose this type of gear in order to reduce the likelihood of damage when their child participates in their sport.

Reduce Future Damage

Many athletes continue to take part in their favorite activities after a partial ACL tear. When activity continues despite an injury the risk of more damage is high. A knee support gives the leg the protection it needs to stop injury as the knee heals. It is a good idea for people ready to get back in the game as well as those working out solo to keep their strength and stamina until the doctor clears them for full contact sports.

Protect After Surgery

Rehabilitative braces can prevent another injury when people want to get active immediately after surgery. A brace stabilizes the knee and reduces the amount of movement it has so that healing continues. Many athletes use this type of brace for a few weeks after their surgery to protect their knee.

Stop Knee Pain

Supports apply some compression to sore knees to help relieve the pain. The compression also helps to increase blood circulation to the joint so recovery from a workout takes place faster. This type of product works equally well for people after an injury as it does for those with pain caused by chronic conditions like arthritis.

Mueller braces and supports help to give people the security they want for the health of their knees. The ability to reduce pain and to end the worry of a reinjury makes it easier to concentrate on the game. There are options for any severity of ACL tear as well as other concerns like meniscal tears, kneecap injuries and chronic diseases of the joints. The gear is perfect for professional athletes, weekend jocks and for everyday activities like gardening or walking.