Pioneer Open House

Katelyn Khuu 6th grade

Earthquake PBL

How can we, as structural engineers, counstruct a two story house for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? That was our driving question for the whole project. What we did during this project was we built a house that could withstand seismic activity. We also did research to find the perfect location. Our idea was to have popsicle sitcks and as our strong wood and toothpicks as our wood inbetween the wood so we could renforce it. We learned that we needed a very stong foundation for a house to survive earthquakes. We also learned that different designs worked better, and some designs didn't work.

30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands Project was very fun to make. I learned many things from the project. First of all, I learned about what global warming did to Earth. I also realized how harmful fossil fuels was to the environment. I also learned how it also effected humans. I learned that pollution also occurred naturally in some cases. I liked that we got to explore the app 30 Hands. I also liked that we got to use multiple apps and we got to read a script. I also liked that we had to record our voices into the 30 Hands project.

Invention Convention

Our invention is called the WP phone case (Wind Powered Phone Case.) My partner was Riley DiLilleo. We made this phone case because to recharge a phone in the US alone waste over 4 Billion KW a day. We made this case so people can use wind to charge their phones instead of using power and pluging it into the wall. You can either spin the fan to manually, blow on it to make it spin, or put it outside the window so wind can blow onto it. This helps reduce the burning of fossil fuels and the use of energy.
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