Disabilities With Determination

By Jessica Colella


If you are determined you set goals for yourself and try your best to achieve them.

Amy Purdy and Bethany Hamilton, Different People, but Both Determined.

Amy Purdy and Bethany Hamilton are two different people, but share a lot of similarities. They both have lost at least one body part and both didn't let that get in their way and were determined to still do what sports they loved even with many adversities. They both are also inspirational, role models, and motivational to many people. They both win many medals and awards in their sports, more awards than people do that have their arms and legs. This wouldn't have happened if they both weren't as determined as they are.

Even if Amy Purdy and Bethany Hamilton have many similarities, they also have many differences. They differ because Amy got her body parts removed surgically because of a disease, but Bethany's body part got eaten off by a tiger shark. Also, Amy lost both of her legs below the knee, but Bethany lost only her whole left arm, not both. One last difference is that Amy was determined to keep snowboarding, but Bethany was determined to keep surfing.

Overall, even if these two girls aren't exactly the same, they are both inspirational role models and are very determined to do what they love even if adversities get in the way. They are both disabled in different ways, but they are equally determined. To conclude, Amy Purdy and Bethany Hamilton are alike in many ways, but also differ.

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Amy Purdy's Way to Success.

Amy Purdy was diagnosed with Meningococcal Meningitis at age 19. This caused for her legs below the knee to be removed. This was due to a lack of circulation. Amy's dad donated her a kidney before her 21st birthday. After Amy went through this experience, she still wanted to achieve all her goals, even if she didn't have her lower legs. Amy started by entering the USASA National Snowboarding Championship, and she persevered and didn't let adversities get in her way of doing what she loved. She was determined to keep snowboarding and she was determined by learning to deal with artificial legs and see the advantages in having them. She ended up winning medals in three events at the snowboarding championship.
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Kayla Montgomery's Solution to Following her Dreams.

Kayla Montgomery's problem is that she was diagnosed with MS (multiple Sclerosis) at age 19. This caused her to have to stop playing her favorite sport, soccer, because when her legs got overworked or overheated, she would lose feeling in them.

To try to solve this problem, she still wanted to participate in sports, so she started cross country so when running she didn't have to stop until she was at the finish line, unlike soccer when you need to control your running. She didn't want to give up and she was determined to run. After she ran, her coach would catch her and let her legs cool down so she could run again instead of letting her try to stop on her own with her numb legs.

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Bethany Hamilton's Goes Through a Terrible Experience, But Still Determined.

On Halloween morning 2003 during a surf session, Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a 14- foot tiger shark. During the attack, the shark bit off Bethany's left arm.

After this incident, this caused Bethany to end her career as a rising surfer star. Bethany loved to surf, and the attack made her realize that she wanted to be determined, so a month after the attack, she returned to the water. A little over a year later, she was so hardworking and determined that Bethany won her first National title. In 2007, their was an autobiography written about her and a film in 2011 called "Soul Surfer". None of this could have occurred in her life if this terrible, but life changing shark attack experience didn't make her determined to pursue her dreams.

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Lizzie Velasquez Determined to Stay Happy.

Lizzie Velasquez was born with a very rare disease that prevents her from producing body fat or gaining any weight. Lizzie is also blind in her right eye.

Early Life

Lizzie was born on March 13, 1989. She was born premature and she was 2 pounds and 11 ounces. Lizzie was bullied in school for looking the way she does. As a teenager, she found a video of herself on youtube being called "The Worlds Ugliest Woman".


Lizzie is now a motivational speaker and an inspiration to many. People see her as determined because she just ignored the bullies and became an anti-bullying activist. You can find Lizzie on TEDx talk which is multi-millon viewed.

How Do YOU Define Yourself Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen


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