Social Studies Weekly

Year 3 Volume 23 ~ March 20, 2016

Well Hello Spring, We Have Been Waiting for You!

STAY Teachers

Last week, the STAY teachers gathered at the Ed Building for a half day of planning. They came up with some good ideas. Emily Bock and Chris Eklund worked on a simulation game for AM2 to teach the early years of containment. Once they pilot it in their classes, it will be placed in Haiku. And, Emma Hendel shared how she uses the musical Hamilton to teach portions of Unit 2 and Unit 3 in American 1. Check out her idea for the election of 1800 here. I hope everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

This Week in Social Studies

World History

As the quarter ends, we find ourselves slightly behind where we need to be as a result of the snow and ice. On a happy note, we will gain two days between now and the end of April! So before we leave for Spring Break, we should be done with Unit 6 which deals with the Renaissance, Nation-States, and Exploration.

Civics and Economics

Before we start Spring Break, we should be taking our first steps into Unit 5: The Law and You. Many of the standards in this unit are at the Analyze level. This means the students should be looking at stimulus and determine relationships, viewpoints, or how one part fits to the whole. Here is a Bump-A-Word for this unit.

American 1

We are ankle deep into Unit 4. At this point, we should have looked at the election of 1828 and why Jackson was known as the "Common Man". Here is a reading on the Jackson's response to the Nullification Crisis. Before we leave for Spring Break, we should be looking at industrialization.

American 2

We have boomed and now we are full bust. Before we leave for Spring Break, we should be finished with the Great Depression and ready to jump into WWII when we return in April.

Tech Info

Looking for some ways to include differentiation in your classes? Well, Mr. Roughton's site has a "Choose Your Own Adventure" listing. This contains ideas on how to differentiate by product for lessons. Check it out.

Opportunities and Information

2016 RiverRun Films

Here are films that might fit with our curriculum. Check them out.

Message from Melissa

Four more days! You have got this. Only 96 hours until you will get some much needed relaxation. You deserve it.

I know many of you have heard that Andy will be leaving our department and moving into the role of Director of Accountability. While we are happy for him, we are sad to see him leave. It has been a great 4 years (nearly). The transition will be difficult but change happens.