Quail Call

September 1, 2022

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Join Our Parent Crew!

Calling all those interested in our Parent CREW! If you would like to volunteer to bring fun and connection to our school community, we would love to have you join our PPCS Parent Crew. Get involved with teacher appreciation, book fairs, Run The Palouse, meet-ups, yearbook, and other activities that help make our school so special. Please complete this form by Friday evening so we can organize our first event. Thank you!

From Our Landscape Committee

A HUGE thank you to all the families, community members and UI students that put many hours in weeding, moving mulch, and picking up the school grounds!! The volunteer landscape committee meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7pm at PPCS. Contact David Herbold (davidherb@yahoo.com) with any questions, suggestions or if you'd like to know about a landscaping project you can help with own your time.

Immunizations and Birth Certificates

Please make sure you have turned in your child's birth certificate and immunization records to PPCS. Seventh grade students need two new vaccines before starting class in the fall. Pharmacy receipts do not qualify as an immunization record. If your child is exempt, please turn in a new exemption form each year. You can find the exemption here.

Playground Update

Progress on the playground has been delayed due to reasons beyond our control. Like so many industries experienced contractors and construction crews are in a situation where demand far exceeds supply. Design plans and funding are in place, so it just a matter of construction crew availability. What can we do in the meantime? While construction is paused, landscaping and maintenance is not. Families are encourage to help prep and care for the grounds, so please keep an eye out for weeding opportunities and other request from our landscaping committee.

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