Levi Strauss

The creator of Blue Jeans

Basic Facts

Levi invented Blue Jeans in 1873.

He was born on February 26,1829 in Buttenheim, Germany.

Levi's Early Life

  • When Levi was 6 he lost his father to a disease called, Tuberculosis.
  • Levi's original name was,Loeb but changed it after he was on a ship and heard the captain call a name close to his but was levi.
  • Levi had 3 step siblings from the first mom
  • Levi was not born from the first mom but the second

Levi's Family

  • Levi's mom died in 1822 and his dad remarried about 2 years later
  • Levi had 4 siblings which means there were 5 kids!
  • Levi was Jewish and had to be careful because Jews where attacked and killed in nearby cities,

Adult Life

  • Levi NEVER married he thought that every girl just wanted his money.
  • Levi's estimated amount of money he left for his family is around 6 million dollars
  • On Monday May 25,2001 Levi Strauss and co. bought 100 year old jeans for 46,532 dollars!
  • Levi donated money for 28 scolarships to US Berkely


Levi passed on September 26,1902 in San Francisco at the age 73 because of an unknown illness
that is where Levis body is
I chose levi because

  1. I really like Jeans
  2. Those"Levis" are one of the most famous jeans
  3. I wanted to know who is the inventor of jeans

Why are jeans important?

Without jeans in the winter you would be cold but with jeans you can stay warm while winter is here.


By: Q'Lae and Caleb