UM Weekly Sports Highlights

Spring 2021

UM Softball highlights

April 6 home game vs. Rosemont highlights:

  • Riley Middleman and Jennifer Wylie both hit doubles to left field.
  • Jennifer also made a diving catch double play.
  • Line drive down the third baseline, tipped by third baseman S Warman, Short Stop Jennifer Wylie dives for the diverted ball, making the catch and doubling a running out at second.

On March 25 they played El Dorado and WON 25-0!

  • Kaitlyn Reed and Stephanie Wylie combined pitching efforts for a shut out.
  • Mary Silva goes 4 for 4, as the D-backs combine for 23 hits, including Savannah Warman with our first over the fence home run!

UM Swim Team

We hosted El Dorado on Wednesday, April 14.

UM Track & Field Update

April 14 UM hosted a Track/Field meet vs. Galt.

April 7 the track/field team played at El Dorado.

  • Varsity Boys: El Do 107-15, Varsity Girls: El Do 101-30, Frosh/Soph Boys: El Do 70-29
  • Kai Ratti(Varsity Boys): 10 team points(High Jump and Long Jump Champion), Mikayla Klinkenborg (Varsity Girls) : 6 team points(High Jump Champion)
  • Varsity Girls Team Points:
Jade Epps(Varsity Girls): 6 team points
Macee Ball (Varsity Girls) : 4 team points
Ramona Reed (Varsity Girls) : 1 team point
Audrey Matheson (Varsity Girls) : 1 team point
Kylee Radtke (Varsity Girls) : 3 team points
Mikayla Klinkenborg (Varsity Girls) : 6 team points(High Jump Champion)
Ashleigh Whittle (Varsity Girls) : 3 team points
Charlize Garagay(Varsity Girls) : 5 team points(Disc Throw Champion)
  • Varsity Boys Team Points:
Abe Borba(Varsity Boys): 1 team point
Jack Clark (Varsity Boys): 4 team points
Kai Ratti(Varsity Boys): 10 team points(High Jump and Long Jump Champion)
Josh Meade(Varsity Boys): 3 team points
Emry Junemann(Varsity Boys): 1 team points
  • Frosh/Soph Boys Team Points
Robert Martinez(Frosh/Soph Boys): 15 points(High Jump, 400m, Shot Put Champion)
Josh Byer (Frosh/Soph Boys): 6 team points
Nate Southworth (Frosh/Soph Boys): 4 team points
Tavin Dacanay (Frosh/Soph Boys): 2 team points
Jack Hopson (Frosh/Soph Boys): 1 team point

The UM Track & Field team travelled to Rosemont on March 24.
  • Varsity Girls lost 63-66
  • Varsity Boys won 85-7
  • Frosh/Soph Boys won 33-12
  • Ramon Reed: Scored 18 points, Kai Ratti, Jared Jones, Thomas Reed scored 15 points each.
  • 73% of our track and field student athletes competed in 4 events. The maximum you can compete in....showing great grit, team spirit, and the overall spirit of competition.

UM Baseball

Baseball is on the field and playing each week. GO DIAMONDBACKS!

UM Tennis

The season is underway with only two games left.

UM Football Highlights

Varsity Football beat Luther Burbank on Saturday, March 27 with a final score of 23-20!
  • Daniel Groves had 2 interceptions, 7 tackles and rushed for 104 yards.
  • With 27 seconds left in the game and down 16 to 20, Calvin Owens ran for 29 yards for the game winning touchdown.

Our JV and Varsity teams ended the season at El Dorado High School on Thursday, April 1 at the Gold Nugget Game.

  • Calvin Owens threw the ball for 202 yards and added 103 rushing yards and 1 touchdown.
  • After a hard fought rivalry game El Dorado beats Union Mine 20-16.
View the games recorded live on YouTube.

Congratulations Diamondbacks -GREAT SEASON!

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