Boy in The Striped Pajamas

By: John Boyne


This story takes place in America in the first part of the book but then the family moves to Berlin, Germany


Bruno is a young eight year old living with his parents. Bruno has no one brother or sister, and when he moves from America to Berlin he has no one to talk to, with his father always in his office and his mother always working, his parents have no time to talk to him. In the middle of the story Bruno finds a boy on the other side of the fence dividing him from all the Jews in the concentration camp. Bruno finally finds a friend and is seperated from him. Bruno and this boy meet at the end of the fence everydaywhen he gives the boy some food. Finally towards the time Bruno and his parents are going to move, Bruno goes into the camp and is taken away. Then....... Maybe you'll just have to read the book just to find out
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