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September 2019 4th Edition

Nancy Disterlic, September 2019


Be inspired by Richardson ISD as they celebrate the progress of students that have completed the dyslexia program. They honored the passion and dedication of teachers, students and parents who worked hard to overcome the challenges of dyslexia.

You May Be Dyslexic If.....

Dr. Sally Shaywitz shares optimistic outcomes for people who struggle with dyslexia. Be encouraged by community leaders who have thrived despite their challenges with reading.

Meet Lanae

Every month we bring you the story of a young person who has faced the challenge of dyslexia and how they've come out on top. Be inspired by Lanae, a high school athlete who overcomes the challenges of balancing academics with the use of accommodations.
Get To Know Lanae – Region 10 Dyslexia Connects

Writing Strategies

Writing stamina can be challenging for students with dyslexia. Become familiar with some writing strategies that will help your child be more engaged with writing.

Dyslexia Parent Library

Become a stronger advocate by educating your family with these informative books that address students with dyslexia, and address their social/emotional needs.

Talking Book Program

Texas State Library and Archives Commission's audiobook program for students with reading disabilities allows your students to access books at their interest and intellectual level.
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October Dyslexia Awareness Month

Region 10 is offering 9 separate Parent Nights with locations near you!

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  • The Dallas Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) serves our community, particularly those with dyslexia, primarily through conferences, by providing speakers, and through a special scholarship fund. Learn more HERE.

Region 10 Contact

Thank you for sharing in this journey with your child. Region 10 is a resource to parents, teachers and districts. Please contact us for support or services.