Kindergarten Weekly Newsletter

Week of September 28th - October 2nd

Our Week in Kindergarten!

Phonics: Letters J, E, O, Q

Book: The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill

Reading Strategies: Making a prediction, retelling the story, making a connection, writing our opinion

Math: Numbers 1-10, number writing, comparing numbers, number order

Writing: Adding details to our drawings, adding labels to our work

Science: Plant and Animal Science: How do plants and trees grow?

Social Studies: Respect

Religion: God Gives Us the Land, God abounds in love, Church as community, learning about Jesus together

Social and Emotional Learning: Building Community: Students discuss what it means to belong to a community, and then work together to create a representation of their classroom community.

Virtue of the Month: Respect

Social Skills: Following directions and getting the teacher's attention

Our Week

Monday, 9/28:

Tuesday, 9/29: Happy Birthday, Emma!

Wednesday, 9/30:

Thursday, 10/1:

Friday, 10/2: 12:30 Dismissal