Of Mice And Men

By: Toby Garza

The Great Depression

- The stock market crashed on Oct. 29, 1929 (Black Tuesday)

- People went to the bank for money (bank runs). This caused banks to close.

- People lost their jobs and couldn't provide food for families. Would stand in bread lines for hours to receive bread.

- People blamed Hebert Hoover for the Depression. Called shanty's "Hoovervilles".

- After Hoover's term, FDR was elected president.

- FDR became a voice of hope for the U.S.

John Steinbeck

- Born in Salinas, California

- Went to Stanford, but never graduated.

- Published a couple of short stories and novels.

- Wrote Tortilla Flat. Was a series of humorous stories.

- His books were about economic problems of rural labour

Of Mice And Men

- Was originally a children's book.

- The plot centers on two migrant ranch hands, George and the mentally challenged Lennie, and their simple yet ultimately thwarted dream of owning their own land.

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