Mountaineer Memory Makers

July 2013 Newsletter

Big Hootie Hoot!!

Gotta send out some Big Hootie Hoots! You all did some Really Great Work for the month of June!!

Team Volume
Our Team did Great with a Team Volume of $9,810!

Top 3 Personal Volume for June
1. Denise Booth $1728
2. Savannah Purkey $1045
3. Trudy Gillam $942

Top Mentors
Added 2: Jennifer Beavers
Added 1: Karrie Spears, Chelsey Stockdale, Brianna Johnston

Way to Go!!!


The winner of the Window Decals is Denise Booth!! Congratulations!

Welcome New Designers!!

Welcome to the team! I know you have been waiting a while to get started and wanted to let you know that we are here for you to help get your business off to a successful start.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your mentor to help guide you through the process. I'd also ask them to provide you with your upline's contact information, especially since a lot of designers are traveling this time of year. If you are unable to reach your mentor, I'm your Team Leader and I can be reached at Our Executive Team Leader is Jodi Ocken and she can be reached at Our direct to corporate Director is Kristine Stevens and her email address is


The National Convention is being held right now in Phoenix, AZ. I really wanted to go but just could not swing the airfare at this time. My mentor has been posting any new info she finds out while she's there. I will be sure to try to update my FB page with all the new, fun stuff. Keep up to date by checking it out!! Mountaineer Memory Makers Helpful Tip Group

{SNEAK PEEK} Available Fall 2013

How to Contact the Nest

  • Designer Care - 888.491.0331 (M-F / 7-7 PST)
  • Customer Care - 888.611.2424 (M-F / 7-7 PST)

Send a message by using the Origami Owl Contact Form. You can find it here.

Have you joined my Facebook Group?

I have made a FB group for all of my downline (Hint: If you receive this email, you are on my downline :) . Click here Mountaineer Memory Makers Helpful Tip Group to add yourself to the group. I have plenty of shareable photos, FB post ideas and hints to help your O2 Business grow.

Let's make JULY our Best Month Ever!!

Kristin Collins, Independent Designer

Mountaineer Memory Makers