Rain,Rain Go Away by: Issac Asimov

Presentation by: Amber Crum


Sometimes things in life aren't always what they seems.

Key Quotes!

  1. "Honestly.....you would think they were................made of sugar and afraid they would melt!"
  2. "A mothers psychology "

character's journal entry

You know its not fair my friend melted! I was having so much fun with him....it. He was fun why couldn't one of mom and dads friends melt? Why did it have to be my friend? Its so not fair, guess we know why they ran inside every time there was a cloud in the sky. I mean really made of sugar REALLY!!!!!!!!! Well i'm glad i didn't take him skate boarding or BMX biking he might have bleed sugar. God i mean what a weird family , what a weird secret who is made out of sugar? How were they alive but made of sugar? Magic isn't real...but then again neither are people made of sugar but yet here we are. So was it magic? or were they aliens? That seems to be the million dollar question at the moment.
Keke Palmer & Max Schneider - things aren't always what they seem lyrics

if you like to feel connected to a character this story is for you!

I felt close to all the characters i felt like i knew how they thought and what they felt. The details and description made it easy to picture what was going on the settings the scenes the emotions. It was interesting and kinda of a double taker. I would recommend this to anybody who like fiction.