ESL Notes from Mike Bowden

Weeks of March 14th to April 1st

Shhh! End of Year is Just Around the Corner

Planning for Your ELL Students' Successful Summer Break

Remember how long the delay was following the two-week winter break for your ELL student to recover their English gains?

With 11 weeks of summer break, what will that recovery time look like in August?

They Don't Have Books

Planning now for a successful summer break will help your ELL be better prepared to return to school. Because no teacher ever asked, "What DID they teach this child last year?!?"

Bag 'Em Up

One more thing for the End-Of-Year list. Assemble and bag up books for summer.

Pre-Teach the Reading Bag

Remember what you did to prepare for Spring Break?

If you make a note NOW, on your calendar, to pre-teach the reading bag, there will be a higher likelihood of it being opened at home.

An Excellent Use of Your ELL Support Specialist

Yes! I am happy to work on these - let's talk!

Schedule & Availability

Monday Mar 14 - Flower Mound; TELPAS Online Tutorial grades 2-5

Tuesday Mar 15 - Forest Vista; TELPAS Online Tutorial grades 2-5

Wednesday Mar 16 - Forest Vista; TELPAS Writing Verification

Thursday Mar 17 - Flower Mound

Friday Mar 18 - Forest Vista; TELPAS Online Reading Exam grades 2-5

Monday Mar 21 - Flower Mound; TELPAS Online Reading Exam grades 2-5

LAS Conclave, Timber Creek Admin afternoon

Tuesday Mar 22 - Forest Vista; PreK Registration & Language Assessment

Wednesday Mar 23 - Forest Vista; PreK Registration & Language Assessment

Thursday Mar 24 - Flower Mound; TELPAS Writing Verification

Friday Mar 25 - Holiday

Monday Mar 28 - Flower Mound

Tuesday Mar 29 - STAAR grades 4 & 5

Wednesday Mar 30 - STAAR grade 5

Thursday Mar 31 - Flower Mound

SSAB meeting afternoon

Friday Apr 1 - Forest Vista; Early Release

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