The connection between society and nature.

Trust Yourself

These lyrics to Destiney's Child "Survivor," give an example of trusting yourself. Beyonce says, "thought i'd be weak without you but i'm stronger." We can trust ourselves by believing we don't need anyone to help us in life, and we can be dependent on ourselves instead of others.

Nature Shows You Yourself

In the beginning man was created from dirt. We were made from the same materials as nature.
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Everything Is Connected

With social networking, we are able to reach people on every continent. It is possible to stay connected with people millions of miles away.
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Simplify Your Life

Life would be easier without unnecessary items. Transcendentalists advise us to get back to the basics and live with only what we need to survive. Amish are a great example of people simplifying their lives by only living with needs.

Be Unique!!

Lady Gaga is one of a kind. We can all say that there is no one like her. Transcendentalist would agree with the way she lives because she isn't following anyone but herself.