The 19th Amendment

By: Kailey White ,Regan Beczak ,Gannon Abrams ,Tanis Baiju

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's life

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born November 12 ,1815 lived in Johnstown, New York for mainly her whole life. When Elisabeth Cady Stanton was eleven years old her older brother died because of illness and Stanton did everything she could to try to make her dad happy by horse back-riding and her dad still was not happy.When the years went by Stanton wanted to go to collage but the collage that she wanted to would'nt accept any women like Elizabeth, so she ended up graduating the women's collage which was how to take care of children and housekeeping and she graduated at the age of 17!

Part 2 of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Elisabeth Cady Stanton married Henry Stanton on May 11, 1840 and had eleven children in total but sadly four of them died before being born. Also Stanton teamed up with Susan B. Anthony and Lucretia Mott, and together they made The National Women Right's Association.(NWRA)

About Women's Rights

The National Women Right's Association was about women having the right to vote and being able to stand up for them self's and for a good education for them self's. Elizabeth Cady Stanton ended up successfully made women have the right's to vote and do things that they didn't get to do a while a go.