Central Junior High School

Weekly Newsletter Week 34 May 12, 2017

It's Friday...Only ONE more Friday until Summer Break!

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Teachers, Don't forget to send Awards Ceremony & Graduation letters home today!

STAAR Season is winding Down!

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Teachers Have Enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers have enjoyed their two weeks of Teacher Appreciation. Teachers are the hardest working professionals!!!

Thank You Mr. Musgrove for the Sonic drinks, ice cream & brownies, and the lunch from Posados. It was all great!

Thank You to the Administration for the hamburger lunch!

Thank You to the School Board members for the breakfast!

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2017-2018 Central Junior High Student Council Sponsors

Mrs. Fontenot and Mrs. Martin

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Congratulations to CJHS's 2017 Science Fair Winners

Science Fair 2017

Central JH 8th graders did an awesome job this year for Science Fair.

Madi Briley and Savannah Young won the Judges Choice Life Science

Morgan Harmon- 1st Invention

Madi-Mae Hix - 2nd Invention

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Congratulations to Our Fifth Grade Gift Card Winners! Hard Work Pays Off!

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Pride Passion Purpose


Inspiring Heather Dorniden Takes a Fall But Still Wins the Race

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month

May is Food Allergy Awareness month, so let's talk a little about it!

The following are documented allergens students on our JrHigh/HS campus are affected by:

Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Bananas, Milk, Fish, Gluten, Legumes, Eggs, Mangos

Peanut allergies are the biggest life-threatening allergy concern for our campuses. Even a trace amount or peanuts can cause a severe reaction. We have 9 known students that have a peanut allergy, one of which that has an airborne sensitivity.

  • The Health Office is not asking you to give up any of your favorite snacks or meals, but we are asking you to be mindful of what your food can do to someone that is allergic to it! Please make sure to wash your hands (with soap and water, not germ-x as it doesn't get the peanut oil residue off) after eating and before touching classroom supplies.

  • Please don't eat or allow your students to eat peanut containing products in the classroom.

  • Be a role model by respecting the needs of students with food allergies.

  • Include information about children known food allergies, in instructions to substitute teachers.

Let's talk facts!

I'm sure many of you have heard of people that are allergic to peanuts still going to and/or eating at Chic-Fil-A and some can! The reason some can is because CFA cooks with highly refined peanut oil, however it depends on the individual's sensitivity if it is safe for them. That decision is made by the individual's health-care provider if they feel like it is safe to consume and/or be in the vicinity of highly refined peanut oil.

While rare, peanut allergies CAN be airborne! The reaction is caused by inhaling proteins of the allergen (airborne allergies are not limited to just peanuts). Their is a debate within the medical and scientific communities regarding what an individual will react too, however it is up to the individual's health-care provider to decide what their specific precautions need to be based on their sensitivity levels and previous reactions.







CJHS Students Participate in the Lufkin Art Guild Show

Congratulations to the Winners from CJHS! BullDog Proud of You!

Congratulations to Our CJHS Students

Thalia Baptiste- 3rd Place

Sommer Bradberry - 2nd Honorable Mention

Kaylee Brooks - 1st Place and 2nd Honorable Mention

Tristin Brooks - 2nd Honorable Mention

Jolie Garcia - 2nd Honorable Mention

Brittlee Harris - 2nd Honorable Mention

Gavin Havard – 2nd Honorable Mention

Hannah Headley - 1st Place and 2nd Place

Zach Isom - 1st Place

Giselle Jaime - 2nd Honorable Mention

Jake Jennings - 3rd Place

Callie Kelsey - 2nd Honorable Mention

Kamden Kelsey - Honorable Mention

Kathrine Lopez - 2nd Place

Nathan Matthews - 2nd Honorable Mention

Andrez Rendon - 2nd Honorable Mention

Cody Soignet - 1st Place

Sienna Spencer - 2nd Honorable Mention

Bryce Sulser - 2nd Honorable Mention

Zoey Whisenant - Honorable Mention

AJ Walker - 1st Place

Hunter Warren - 2nd Honorable Mention

6th Grade:

Andrew Alamo - 2nd Place

Karsen Beauchamp - Honorable Mention

Allesandro Colindres - 2nd Honorable Mention

Landon Campbell - 2nd Honorable Mention

Jade Harris - 1st Place

Antonio Hernandez - 2nd Place and 2nd Honorable Mention

Deavion Overshine - 2nd Honorable Mention

Emma Rawlinson - 2nd Place

Grayson Rodgers - 2nd Honorable Mention

7th Grade:

Jessi Baggett - 3rd Place

Haylie Hector - 2nd Honorable Mention

Nickolas Huiet - 2nd Honorable Mention

8th Grade:

Heaven Caldwell - 2nd Placee

Gena Carrell - two 2nd Honorable Mentions

Kyle Coleman - 2nd Honorable Mention

Anthony Escobedo - two 2nd Honorable Mentions

Morgan Harmon - two 2nd Honorable Mentions

Cameron Hubbard - 3rd and Honorable Mention

Hailey Moore - 2nd Honorable Mentions

Jessalyn Pitts - 2nd Place and two 2nd Honorable Mentions

Kalyn Rayborn - two 1st Places, an Honorable Mention, and two 2nd Honorable Mentions

Cassandra Sarmiento - 3rd Place and 2nd Honorable Mentions

Raven Wallace - 2nd Honorable Mention

Olivia Williams - 2nd Honorable Mentions

Savannah Young - two 1st Places, a 3rd Place and a 2nd Honorable Mentions

Also: Madison Briley entered her own artwork, and received a 1st Place, a 2nd Place, a 3rd Place and a 2nd Honorable Mention.

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