International network


What is Internet?

Internet is international network that connects computer worldwide, it allows them to share and exchange information. None owns the entire internet, but ISP is the company that access to the internet.

Connecting to internet

In order for you to connect to the internet, you need a communication link between the host computer and your computer. Host computer is a computer that is already connected to the internet.


Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol TCP/IP

A protocol is a set of rules that defines how computer communicates with each other. TCP/IP is a protocol used to transfer data from one computer to other.

Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)

Offline and Online

When we are not connected to the internet that is called offline. When we are connected to the internet its online.


It stands for hyper text transfer protocol. It is a set of rules that controls how data travels between web servers and clients.


It stands for Uniform resource locators. URL is used instead of IP addresses which are difficult for humans to remember.

Hypertext and hyperlinks

A hyper text document contains hyperlink to another document. Hypertext allows you to move from one document to another.


It is smaller pieces that TCP divides the data that is to be transmitted. Each packets are numbered , so that data can reassemble when it arrives at the destination computer. Packets are sent along by routers.


Voice over internet protocol