About Me and My Future

By: Kyle Ott

About Me Now

  • What subjects do I excel in? English and Algebra.
  • What subjects do I want to improve in the most? Science.
  • Which activities am I involved in school and the community? I am involved in sports at school (basketball, football, track) and I am involved in 4-H and Church in the community. I have also attended multiple honor choir events.
  • Two people who I talk to about what I want to do in the future-Taylor Siebert (owner of Striv) and Stan Friesen (youth group leader).
  • What do I expect to do after high school? I expect to go to a 4-year college. I do not know if this will be in Nebraska, but it will be wherever my path takes me.


  • Where do I want to live? I would like to stay fairly close to home. Either Nebraska or in the Midwest area. If there were opportunities on the east coast I would consider that as well.
  • What size of town/city would I want to live in? I like small town areas, less than 15,000 people in the town. If I would end up in a larger town, such as for a job, I could try to adjust as well. If I had a family I would like a small town, but if I was on my own I would enjoy a city.
  • What would my work schedule be? If I enjoyed my job and got a fair amount of pay, I would always be willing to follow my boss' schedule for me. But ideally, I would work the weekdays and have the weekends off to relax.
  • What working environment would I like? It would be nice to work somewhere in an indoor office occasionally provide opportunities outdoors.
  • Who would I want to work for? It would be convenient to come into a successful company. That way I could learn things from the people ranked above me and work my way up in the company.
  • How much money do I expect to make? Enough to provide for my family to live comfortably depending on the cost of living at that time. I would also enjoy taking a trip or two out of state for fun family time each year.
  • What career field do I want to work in? Sports are very enjoyable to me so it would be fun to be a coach or commentator. This could be a broadcasting or journalism major and would most likely be in a business field. Teaching and Administration would be a possible major if I was looking to be a coach.