Polygon Pizza


It's all about the angles for this business!

This pizza would be divided into 5 pieces, so the equation we would use would be 5(180) = 900.

Now say we want the Polygon Interior angle sum theorem. For that we would use 180(5-2) = 540.

Polygon Exterior Angles are a different story, say the pizza had 8 sides, then you would use the equation 360/8 = 45


Pizza Types: Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Cheese, Sausage, Three Meat

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What is a polygon?

A polygon is a number of coplanar line segments, each connected end to end to form a closed shape. Polygons are one of the most all encompassing shapes in geometry.

What types of polygons are there?

Regular- all sides and interior angles are the same.

Irregular- Each side may a different length, each angle may be a different measure.

Convex- All interior angles are less that 180 degrees and all vertices push outward away from the interior of the polygon.

Concave- One or more interior angles greater than 180 degrees. Some push inwards toward the interior of the polygon.

What are the names of Polygons?










Finding the Polygon Angle Sum

Interior Angle Measures: (n-2)180

Exterior Angle Measures: 360/ by the # of sides

Polygon Angle Sum Theorem

Add up all the angle measures, then subtract from 360.

Equilateral, Equiangular, and Regular Polygons

Equilateral Polygons: is a polygon with all SIDES congruent.

Equiangular Polygons: is a polygon with all ANGLES congruent.

Regular Polygons: is a polygon that is both eqilateral and equiangular.

Polygon Exterior Angle Sum Theroem

The sum of the measures of the exterior angles of a polygon, one at each vertex is 360.