Ocean-Coral Reef

by Aaron Calfina and James Deighton

coral reef fast facts

  • Horseshoe crabs to be used for bait during fishing and for catching eels
  • The Great White shark can be found in the coastal surface waters of all the major oceans
  • The horseshoe crab has a sharp spiny tail to protect it from enemy's
  • Coral reefs are rocky mounds and/or ridges formed in the sea by living things through the accumulation and deposition of limestone (calcium carbonate).
  • The structural foundation of individual coral reefs is formed by a multitude of marine animals and plants through the processes of slow accumulation and deposition of calcium carbonate (limestone) extracted from seawater.

Coral Reef Marine Life Identification : Coral Reef Fish: Slender Filefish
Horseshoe crab aquarium eating and swimming
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Cold and Warm water text

It's weird how the water near the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean is cold.
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Where coral reefs can be found

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Near the Gulf of Mexico it is tropical and has a big chance of a hurricane.


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