Conferring Newsletter

Oak Point, Eden Prairie Schools

What is Conferring?

Teachers and have students have been working on conferring, the latest cycle in our literacy framework.

Conferring is the purposeful conversation teachers have with students to assess current skills and provide immediate and targeted instruction. The goal is to uncover a reader’s thinking, understandings or reflections, in order to teach to their current needs, and move them to independence as a reader.

Conferring can take a short amount of time or longer depending upon student needs. Teachers keep track of student data using different record keeping methods.

How can I support Conferring at Home?

Ask your child how conferring is going in the classroom:

  • What do you talk about when you confer with your teacher about reading?
  • What have you noticed about your reading?
  • What do you want to work on while you are reading?

Next newsletter will focus on Authentic Reading