News Investigations

Bryce Shaw

U of Illinois index indicates slow, steady economic growth continues across state

In the article they talked about how the U of I economy is getting better. The monthly index of the U of Illinois economic growth shows slow but steady improvement. The U of I economist Fred Giertz said that the flash index was reading around 106.6 for the moth of October. Any reading above 100 indicates economic expansion across the state. This relates to what we have talked about in class because we studied how the economy can change.

What Democrats Don’t Get About the Minimum Wage

In this article they talked about how the Democrats wanted to raise the minimum wage to $10. They talked about if they want to raise it they they should keep putting the issue on the ballots. If they do this they will most likely keep getting their wish. This relate to our class because we talked about unemployment and maybe if they raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour more people may want to get jobs because they pay better.

Western Ranchers, Communities Worry about Grouse Declaration

In the article they talked about how the Sage Grouse numbers have had a major drop in the last 10 years. The cause of this is due to the 64% habitat reduction. Ranchers, crops and oil fields have caused this. They are coming up with a law that protects these birds. This relates to class because if they make a law to protect these birds the ranchers and farmers will not have as much land for their cattle there for they wont make as much money.

The Robots Are Going To Take Ten Million Of Our Jobs

In this article they talked about how in Britain robots could take some jobs. In the next 20 years robots could take over more than 10 million jobs from people. They talked about how the lowest paid jobs will be taken first. This relates to class because if they have robots take over jobs there will be more people jobless. Unemployment is bad because if people aren't making any money they wont be spending any of it.

The picture below is an example of what robot would be doing. Instead of people working on an assembly line it will be robots like these.

Big image

Liberia's 'Flags Of Convenience' Help It Stay Afloat

In the article they talked about how on the Liberian ships they have a Liberian flag flying. This is so people know whee they are from. Liberia is the second country with exports but because of the Ebola out break they cant export anything. The flags are sold to other ships and they have it flying. This shows how Liberia is still fighting Ebola. This relates to class because we talked about exports. If you aren't exporting anything your making no money.

Iowa health officials monitoring 13 travelers from west Africa for Ebola

There was a group of people that went on a trip to Africa 12 of the 13 came back and had a low risk of Ebola. They were allowed to continue normal activities. How ever the one had some risk of exposer and has been quarantined. They had to take their temp twice a day. The quarantine remained for 21 days till the virus was out of its system. This relates to class because if they get the virus there is a high demand for the medication.

Gas at $3 a gallon can't last

This article talked about how in the past four months the oil prices have dropped 30%. The low prices could deter investment in production, which will eventually hurt the supply. with the low oil prices could help oil importing countries and their economy. Also that can lead to an increase in demand for the oil. This relates to our class because we talked about if the prices drop people will buy it and the supply will drop.

Americans Say They Want Privacy, but Act as if They Don’t

In this article they talked about how americans are deeply concerned about their cellphones and web. They don't trust the government or the internet companies to protect it. 68% don't feel secure using online chats and 57% feel that way with e-mails. 41% feel that way with text messages and 31% feel that way with land lines. This relates to class because we talked about the government regulations. We also talked about how