Kat's guide to 6th grade survival

By: Kat Cullen (former 6th grader)


6th grade may seem scary at first but it's a breeze! I thought 6th grade was gonna be difficult but it was really easy so, you have nothing to worry about! The teachers are really nice and fun, but don't forget to do your homework and turn it in on time. This year will go by fast so make the most of it!

Chromebook care

The Chromebook Rules

Teacher quotes

From Mrs. Perryman: "Hard work....you get back exactly what you put in"

From Mrs.Hathcock: "Work hard and be kind"

From Mrs.Killian: "Be brave...we learn most from our mistakes

From Mrs. Jamieson: "Meet your deadlines."

From: Mr. Wanicke: "Turn your stuff in"