February 3-5 News

Clever Elementary

A Note from Mrs. Hobbs

Clever families,

Each month we will send an update on the fun and learning occurring at Clever Elementary! Don't forget to check out our Facebook page for additional information and photos. Students and teachers are working diligently here at Clever Elemiddle. Although many things are different this year, we are devoted to Inspiring and Empowering Every Learner.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. -Helen Keller


3rd Grade- 80

4th Grade- 104

5th Grade- 111

Reading Challenge

Mrs. Teague and Mrs. Hobbs are challenging students to read for 15 minutes at home each night for every day in February. Students who read for 15 minutes 28 times will get to silly string their principal. Students will be bringing home the challenge papers today.

Students simply color in the heart when they have read themselves or been read aloud to and parents/guardians initial the heart.

We are excited to encourage our students and families to read together! Happy reading!

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Water Bottles

Please encourage your child to bring a water bottle to school every day.


Students have the opportunity to earn a "leaderslip" for being a leader at school. The month of February we will focus on Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. Basic definition- have a plan.

When a student is exhibiting habit 2, the teacher will fill out the leaderslip, highlight the student in class, and send them to the office to place their slip in their grade level bucket. At the end of the month one slip will be drawn from each bucket for a prize.

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Dates to Remember

March 15-19: Spring Break

Reminder, school begins at 7:55. Please ensure your child is in the building before 7:55. This helps instruction to begin on time.

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Brag Board

We want to celebrate your 3-5 student and their personal accomplishments outside of school. Simply send a photo in with your child or email hobbsk@cleverbluejays.org.

Ways to Support at Home

Here is another simple math game to play at home. All you need is a deck of cards.

Fraction War

War is one of the original math card games, but this version adds a fraction aspect. Students deal two cards, a numerator and denominator, then determine whose fraction is the largest. The winner keeps all four cards, and play continues until the cards are gone.

You can make the game easier by keeping the denominators the same or more challenging with different denominators. Students can use paper/pencil to draw a representation of the fractions or items to visually see the fractions.

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Math Games

Greg Tang Math