Unit Council Summer Update

Same Day Surgery/PACU

Deep Cleaning in Same Day Surgery

On the 15th of every month is deep cleaning in SDS. We are responsible to clean:

  • Biomedical equipment
  • Computers, phones, printers
  • Wipe down chairs/recliners (in between use)
  • Inside of cabinets
  • Personal workstations (desk areas)

Have a computer issue?

If a problem arises, please call Help Desk first. Then put the issue on the quick hits board and on the daily readiness sheets.

Meeting with OR Unit Council

SDS/PACU unit council met with the OR unit council to exchange ideas on how to improve workflow. We received feedback from their co-chairs that it would be helpful to their staff if we tried our very best to have every patient in a gown before surgery. When they are not in a gown, it becomes a safety risk in the operating room when they are trying to remove the patient's clothing on the table. If there is something special about the patient that needs to be passed along to the OR nurse (ie: the reason why the patient isn't in a bed or doesn't have a gown on), please make a note of it on the green sheet so they know why and what to be prepared for before entering the room.

New! Need a mask?

We had a suggestion to stock masks in each PACU bay, just in case your patient has a lot of secretions and you would like an extra barrier between you and the patient. Check out each bay to find a box of masks!

New! IV Start Caddy for BOTH Same Day Surgery AND PACU

SDS: Located in the small conference room in lower right hand cabinet next to the iPads
PACU: Located in the smaller clean utility room in upper cabinet labeled "IV supplies"
Coming soon... these will be included in the 5S work to make sure they are adequately being restocked.
Big image
Big image

New! Gown folder in SDS small conference room

We have a new gown folder (courtesy of Tonia) to help us fold our gowns a little easier. It's blue and is hanging on the wall where all the charts are on! Try it out!

We want your voice to be heard!

Unit Council gets a lot of questions and feedback from our peers concerning good ideas and/or issues that they would like to be addressed. After meeting with management, we have some answers for you!

Can we move the desk in the SDS Charting Room to where it used to be (against the windows) and move the PYXIS to where the table is now?
We can't move the desk to the other side of the room because with the new LEAN processes, we need to utilize the bottom cabinets under the med drawer and moving it would prevent easy access to these cabinets. We cannot move the PYXIS because that would require re-wiring of the network cables for the machine.

Can we get a water/ice machine in the new locker room? What about more coat racks?
The locker room will not have another water/ice machine because it would require moving water lines and wires within the wall to accommodate it. The GOOD NEWS is that we got another coat rack to store winter jackets/bags! Also, expect another hook to be hung on the back of the bathroom door and a sharps container to be hung in the bathroom.

Can we get a bigger refrigerator?

We are unable to get a bigger fridge at this time because the one we have still works.