By: Nathan Binns

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Malware & Types

Malware is any malicious software that has an evil intent behind it. Sometimes it may seem friendly when in reality it is very bad. Beware the evil behind the smiling eyes.

There are 3 major types:

  1. Viruses- They take only one contact with a computer and automatically copy itself. Generally through online downloads.
  2. Trojan Horses- They seem like a legitimate thing or program but just like in the story of Troy, they have a hidden thing inside. Usually used to access someone else.
  3. Spyware- Hidden programs that secretly obtain personal information to possibly steal your identity.

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Malware generally looks like a suspicious website or download. It can, if it's on your computer, put ads on your screen, and slow your computer down.

Avoiding Malware on Your Computer

You can use multiple ways to block malware from entering your computer.

  1. First, use common sense, if the program isn't from a licensed company like Apple, Acer, Dell, Nintendo, PlayStation, etc. then it could be bad. Use common sense.
  2. Firewalls, every computer has a program built in that can be set to block certain types of sites and can let you know it is blocking a malicious site.
  3. Anti Virus Software, these are some of the best things to use to block malware. They can stop malware from getting to your computer and also get rid of malware if it is already on your device. Everybody has their personal favorites, and MalwareBytes is my favorite.