BY: A.D Q. Trinity B.

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Numerous questions about Kristallnach (night of broken glass)

Explain why Kristallnacht is also named "The Night of Broken Glass"?

  • The Nazis got sledgehammers and got bricks to break the Jews store in the Jewish community.
  • Nearly every synagogue in Germany (1,574) were either damaged or burned.
  • The main reason that it was also named the night of broken glass was because their was broken glass in the street.

Identify the reason that if the Germans separated the family than why did the Jews all stayed together?

  • The Jews didn't know what the Nazis would do until they actually did it so they were surprised.
  • They couldn't go anywhere because they lost there jobs, because of the Germans didn't buy anything and it was very dangerous
  • They also lived together because of their synagogues were they work ship there god.

Explain what the Jews did to the German to start the Kristallnacht?

  • October 27, 1938, Hitler expelled 14,00 German Jews that were born in Poland.
  • In revenge a Jewish student killed a German Diplomat in Paris.
  • Hitler used this as a pretext and send SS and SA to the Jewish community that made it the Kristallnacht.

Nazis Forcing Jews Out Of Their Homes

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