The Great and Powerful Anesthesia

Carter Holm P.6

What is Beer's Law?

Beer's Law relates the attenuation of light to the properties of the material through which the light is traveling. Beer's law is how we are going to figure out the percent of the anesthesia in the container.

Background Information

Before this lab could be accomplished i need to know things about anesthesia. All i really knew about anesthesia was that people used it during surgery or taking teeth out. That is about all i knew before this lab. As i read the anesthesia PDF i found out that there are two types of anesthesia, local and general. Local anesthetics can be given by injection to numb parts of the body during surgery or dental procedures. General anesthetics are used during medical and surgical procedures that are too painful to do while awake. Anesthetics work by preventing sodium ions from going from one nerve sell to another. There are numerous side effects of anesthesia, like nausea and pain. Anesthesia has helped thousands of people and will continue to everyday.

Materials and what we found.

We used a colorimeter to find the concentration of each beaker. We used a computer and logger pro to calculate the concentration of each beaker. We found out that the higher the concentration or more food coloring absorbs less light. The lower concentration, or less food coloring absorbs more light.

How to make a Solution.

To make a solution you have to add a certain percent of water and a certain percent of food coloring. Let us say we want to make a 30% mixture, we would add 30% ml food coloring and then add 70% ml water, and then you get a 30% solution.

Aunt Elda.

Aunt Elda Is a woman who died during surgery because we think she had too much anesthesia. Aunt Elda had about 50% anesthesia in her solution.

Meaning of Lab and Why it was Performed

The meaning of this lab was to see if Aunt Elda was given too much anesthesia. We need to find out if the doctor used above the normal amount. The normal amount is below 40%. So we preformed this lab to find out the solutions of different flasks of anesthesia and to see what percent they are. We needed to see where Aunt Elda's flask was compared to the other solutions.

Setting up the Lab.

We first need to get our 8 solutions and the Aunt Elda solution. Next we need get our computer and go to logger pro. After we need to put one solution at a time in our colorimeter and calculate the data. once all the solutions are calculated we need to find out where Aunt Elda is compared to the other solutions. Once we find Aunt Elda then we know where she is and how she died.


Below is the Graph and Data Table of the data of where Aunt Elda is compared to the other solutions.
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