Kindergarten News

November 2018

Ms. Davis' Star Student

The star student in our class this month is Timothy! This young man works super hard to be the best he can be every day. He tries really hard to be kind and loving to his teacher and his classmates. He never gives up and has the most beautiful smile EVER! He is working on learning all his letters and letter sounds. Great job, Timothy!

Miss Turner's Star Student

The star student in our class this month is Montajah. Montajah is such a hard worker! She is always working hard on her classwork and stations. She is a kind friend to everyone in class and is eager and ready to participate in learning.

Ms. Cowling's Star Student

The star student in our class this month is Jadia. Jadia has done such a great job this month with her school work. She is working hard, and focused on following directions and being a model student. She is participating in class and is eager to do her work.

Miss Drake's Start Student

It is my pleasure to announce Jesse as Ms.Drake's Shining Star for the month of October! Jesse has made so much improvement this year already. He is always eager to participate and willing to be a risk-taker. Jesse is kind to his friends and a pleasure to have in our classroom!

What We're Learning!

Language Arts: In our reading time we will continue to focus on mastering our letter names and letter sounds. We will also start exploring environmental print (print we see regularly in the world around us) and continue to work on comprehending the things we read. SOLs K.6 K.9

Math: This month, we will move into learning about the part-part-whole relationship in numbers (example the whole of 5 is made up of parts 2 and 3). This topic is the basis for addition and subtraction which we will explore later on. We will focus on being able to see that numbers are composed of parts.

SOLs K.4ab

Science: We will begin exploring earth's cycles and patterns. This includes: weather, seasons, and day and night. SOLs K.2

Social Studies: In social studies we will be learning about patriotism. This will include learning about the flag, the pledge of allegiance, etc. SOLs K.11

Upcoming Dates:

November 5: 2 Hour Student Early Dismissal/ Parent Teacher Conferences

November 6: No School for Students/ Parent Teacher Conferences

November 12: Report Cards sent home

November 21-23: Thanksgiving Holiday (No School)