Kittens And Cats


A littel bitt about cats

Cats are the most popular animals in the united stats of America I bet you did not know that well their is more I can teach you about cats/ kittens. Cats need food and water but they can not have human food.

They can get very sick. Cats and kittens clean there fur with their tong. Cats are really tough. Cats and kittens rub up against you because it feels good and there telling other cats to go away that they own you.

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There are more inside cats than outside cats.

Cats are cool, loving and caring if you do not have a pet cat or kitten you should get one.

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What colors they can be

The main colors of cats or tabby, black, gray, white but there are many more.
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What cats and kittens do

Nap, purr, hiss, exsersize , be cute and adorable play.
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Kittens are so adorable and cute when they are born they are so small that they can fit in your hand they weigh about 1 or 2 ounces.

They need to have water and be feed twice each day.