Jack The Ripper

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About the Ripper

A dark shadowy figure ran the streets of Whitechapel, London, England in 1888 killing five prostitutes from August to November that had their throat slit and their bodies mangled to an unrecognizable mess of flesh. He would cut out the reproductive system and any other part of the body to make them unrecognizable to the police or the family. Since the murder no one has ever been able to find the true killer. Many theories have been made but never made the cut due to evidence contamination, forged letter and medical records that were altered to make it look like certain people were the ripper. Today we are still no where close to where we should be with this case due to all the roadblocks that have been in the way over the centuries. Even what seems like a possible leads end up leading to nowhere closer to the truth and not being able to solve the murder.


Frederick Bailey Deeming, an Australian con man and murder. Born in 1842, he has a close relationship with his mother. When she died he was never the same after it. He fell ill while working on a ship and never recovered from it properly. He met his first wife, married and had four child with her and ended up killing them by slitting the wife and three of the four childrens throats and strangled the oldest and left them under the floorboards. He married again and did the same to her but left her rotting under the floorboards of the dining room in Australia. All this was after the Ripper murders happened. He wasn't looked into much for the Ripper murders due to the fact that he wasn't in england at the time of the killings but there is a witness who has no name saying that someone built like deeming was the murder of the Ripper women. A letter considered to be written by him that contained evidence that he did is and he also told his his cell mate when he was locked up after his wive's and children's murders and before he was hung for the murders he was know for and all his other crimes he had done. He was concluded that he was a psychopath because of his family history with his father. However Deeming's father was treated, where he wasn't. Due to all the mental stress, his health history, and his psychical build he is believed to be the ripper.


11 prostitutes were found dead between early 1888 and early 1891. Of the 11, 5 are the true Jack the Ripper victims. The other 6 were later added onto the list because they fit the same MO the police had found with each victim and matching it to the others that died at the hands of this cruel, cold man. Their throats were slashed and bodies mutilated beyond recognition. All happened in the Whitechapel area of London, England. There is no relation to any of them besides the ring that they were in. There was said to be a man that would demand the money that the girls made. They all call him the "leather apron" because he was always in a leather apron and threatened the girls and beat them if they didn't give the money to him. Everyone thought he was the ripper at the time. He was later ruled out because he beat his victims to death.


Mainly believed to be from August 31st to November 9th 1888. Later on 6 more victims were added to the list expanding the timeline to April 3rd 1888 to February 13th 1891 of when the ripper struck down his victims.


Whitechapel, London, England was were all the murders took place all in different area of the area. Mainly on the streets. Mary kelly was the only victim that was murdered in her own home.

Murder Sites:

  • The former Commercial Street Police Station, now flats - Located on Commercial Street
  • Site of Miller's Court - Scene of the murder of Mary Kelly. Located off Commercial Street
  • Hanbury Street - Scene of the murder of Annie Chapman
  • The former Buck's Row - Now Durward Street. Site of the murder of Mary Nichols. Located off Whitechapel Road
  • The former Working Lads Institute, now flats - The inquests into the deaths of several victims were held here. Located on Whitechapel Road, next to Whitechapel Underground Station.
  • The junction of Brick Lane and Osborne Street -Site of the attack on Emma Smith.
  • The former George Yard - Now Gunthorpe Street. Site of the murder of Martha Tabram. Located off Whitechapel High Street
  • Mitre Square - Site of the murder of Catherine Eddowes. Located off Duke's Place.
  • The former Leman Street Police Station. - Located on Leman Street.
  • The former Berner Street - Now Henriques Street. Scene of the murder of Elizabeth Stride. Located off Commercial Street


Jack the Ripper or "leather apron" carried around a bag full of knives. He would act like he was interested in being a customer. Then he would turn around and slit their throat without warning unless the girls would get a bad vibe and try to fight him off which was useless due to his height and build. He would first slash their throat letting them bleed out and then mutilating their bodies, by cutting out the intestines and the reproductive system and cut off the flesh on the women. One body he cut the nose off because she syphilis, that is an STD that can eat flesh. He would mainly cut out the reproductive system and mangle the body beyond the ability to be recognized by loved ones.


There are many reasons why but we can't pin-point the true killer. Reason:

  • He doesn't like women
  • A prostitute gave him an STD
  • He was mentally unstable
  • And he has a history of a genetic mental disorders

jack the ripper