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We Connect - Week of August 31st


I feel very fortunate that we have successfully completed 13 school days. Walking into classrooms and seeing kids engaged in the curriculum has been wonderful to see. Our Cub Industries program has come a long way as we have transitioned across the parking lot into Plant 1 and Plant 2. Students now have their required PPE for those classes and a lot of hands-on experience is in their near future.

Having the options we currently have creates some concerns for me. We have students coming in and out of the building all day long. It resembles a college campus with a lot of moving parts. So while it is great for student choice, it also keeps me thinking about "what could go wrong?"

We have had some students who have tried to sneak off campus and go get food across the street. We have reiterated that we are not an open campus for lunch. I have worked in a school where that was done and unfortunately more bad came from it than good. If a student leaves campus, unauthorized, they become truant which is a 2 day OSS disciplinary action for the 1st offense. Please talk with your student about making sure they do not "skip" school.

Just as a reminder, caps, hoods, durags, and bandanas are not allowed. Hairbands are fine to wear. Also, if an adult asks your student to put on something to cover up because what they are wearing does not meet the school dress code, please make sure they have a shirt, light jacket, pants, etc. to change into.

Just an FYI, if students want something changed in the student handbook, they must use their voice through our student council who would then in turn meet with our team. Our student council would formulate a recommendation and present their request for approval. If approved at the secondary level, it would then be recommended to central office administration for approval. This is one of the roles and responsibilities of the student council.

The students, truly have been doing an amazing job with wearing the masks. I do believe our students understand it's been mandated and we are all following along. No matter the different opinions on this situation, our cub family is dealing with it just fine. Thank you again, parents, for your help with this.

All students received a mask on Friday during their 5th-period class. If your student did not, please have them go to the main office on Monday to get theirs.

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If there is anything you would like for me to report on in upcoming issues, please reach out to me at

Have a great week!

Mr. Gasaway

Discipline Stats for both High Schools (MCHS/E.O. Muncie)


Referrals By Grade Level:

9th - 8

10th - 4

11th - 4

12th - 4

Total = 20 students out of 868

Breakdown of Discipline (28 incidents)

(08) Disruptive Behaviour = 6

(44) Truancy = 4

(18) Fighting = 1

(54) Defiance = 10

(13) Electronic Signal Devices = 1

(39) 4+ Tardies = 3

(05) Failure to Serve = 1

(23) Gross Disobedience = 1

(42) Tobacco = 1


Working hard at the boys football game taking tickets.