Staci's Shining Stars

January 2016

A Message from Me...

Happy New Year to each & every one of you! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your family & friends....and made many beautiful memories! We hung around the house a lot in December...spent a lot of quality time together! It was nice, relaxing & stressfree - definitely something that I am not used to! Ha!

It is now the new year and with every new year, brings new beginnings. My top resolution for 2016 is to lose some weight and feel good about myself again! I know I can do it...I just have to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Speaking of making it happen.....anyone excited for the NEW CATALOG that will be live in less than one month?!? I am super excited! However, don't share it with your customers YET because you'll want to end this month strong, right? And then...BRING ON THE NEW!

(See below for a little shining star incentive!!!)

Have a great month!

xoxo, Staci

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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts and the Shining Stars Team!!!


Luisa Banks

Lori Beaucage

Linda Marotto

Janelle Moreira




Entire Downline Sales - $14,080.57

Active Consultants - 30

# of States - 8

Number of Parties - 21


Entire Downline Sales - $18,260.00

Active Consultants - 33

# of States - 9

Number of Parties - 34

The Ready, Set, Sell earning period is back for a limited time from Dec. 30, 2015-Jan. 20, 2016.

During this earning period, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more than $430 of FREE products (see above) from the NEW SEASON, including items that will be featured in future Customer and Hostess Specials. The more you invest in your business now, the more it will grow throughout the spring season.

Plus, having products on-hand is the best way to share – and sell – them. More new products = more successful parties! And earning them for FREE is the easiest way to grow your business.

Get parties booked NOW to get in on all the action! Another idea is to hand out 6-12 catalogs and ask each person to collect a few orders! You'll get to your goal in no time! I mean...have you seen the amazing January special???

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Spring is LIVE....and Add-On Kit

Spring is LIVE now and you can get all the business supplies you need - including your Spring/Summer Catalogs!

And from Dec. 30-Jan. 20, you can use the commissions you’ll be earning to purchase the Spring Add-On Kit for only $40. Featuring three products totaling a value of $125, this is a perfect opportunity to save on great products that will help you increase your party sales during the upcoming season. You snooze, you lose! Don't miss out on this great opportunity! Let me know if you need help ordering!


Let's hear it for JOANNE SHANK who was promoted to Senior Consultant over a month ago! She has worked so hard and has loved every moment of her journey! :) I look forward to watching her shine on with Thirty-One! You go girl!!!

Better Together Field Event

A new season means more reasons to celebrate, encourage and reward each other, and we’re continuing the spring excitement with our special “Better Together” events being held in locations across the country Feb. 20-27.

Mark your calendar to invest in your business – and yourself – by joining your Thirty-One sisters for some face-to-face fun, training and inspiration.

At this special event you’ll receive tools to help you bring more people to the party, grow your team and set goals for your best season ever.

Plus, learn more about our expanded personalization options – including our new Signature Canvas Pillows – and how to share them with Customers.

And, as always, we’ll be taking time to recognize all of your amazing achievements over the past few months. Reserve your spot today, but hurry – registration is open only through Jan. 20.

Don't forget to check the Business Update section on ThirtyOneToday often! From shipping status to inventory updates...even stop sell items - the Business Update section has all the information you are looking for!!! With the new catalog just weeks will see many things on LOW inventory and STOP SELL if it is really popular! Please look at this list before every party so you are fully prepared and "in-the-know." Let me know if you need help finding this!
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My Personal Stats - November / December

  • My PV - Nov $8,161.00 / Dec $2,466.00
  • Number of Parties - Nov 9 / Dec 3
  • Number of Recruits - Nov 2 / Dec 0
  • 25% Commission (and my paycheck had I not chosen leadership)
  • - Nov $2,040.25 / Dec $616.45
  • Total Paycheck as a Director - Nov $2,588.05 / Dec $1,038.86