Is she really the man?

By: Jey Baldobino

Simularities between the movies

In both the movies viola is still pretending to be a man.

Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are basically the dukes two friends from the movie she's the man

They find out she was pretending to be a guy at the end of the movie.

Viola was the name of the sister in both of the movies

Sebastian was the name of the brother in both the movies

Differences in the movies

In she's the man viola's mom sees viola's situation in a much different way

In the twelfth night there was no word on Sebastian's through out most of the movie

In she's the man you can tell viola was going to get caught eventually from the beginning

In the twelfth night viola drinks with the men and in she's the man she never drank alcohol

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Last but not least would have to be farce. In both the movies something gets revealed that could probably get guessed in both movies. Viola gets called out about being a guy. Most likely you could tell from the begging of the movie that viola would eventually get revealed about pretending to be a guy. in the movie she's the man I could tell early on that viola someone would realize viola is pretending to be her brother because he brother would come back from London eventually. In the movie twelfth night it took a little longer only because throughout most of the movie Sebastian's whereabouts were never brought up. "o time, thou must untangle this, not I. it is too hard a knot for me t' untie." Viola--2.2.40-41

She is the man!

In both the movies viola did a great job in pulling off the role of being the brother. In she's the man she had a role of playing not only her brother but also had to be herself as well. In the movie twelfth night she did a great job of keeping up with the guys, she basically was one of them! she drank with them, talked like them, hung out with them, and fought with them. "... like patience on a monument..." Viola--2.4.126. The quote is basically showing that the girls were very patient in what they were doing, if they weren't then most likely there hard work of being someone they aren't would not have worked out.