Lyndon B. Johnson


Election of 1964

  • Johnson took office after assassination of JFK in 1963
  • Ran for presidency following year- 1964
  • Lyndon Johnson - Democrat
  • Senator Barry Goldwater - Republican
  • Electoral College: 486 to 52 in favor of Johnson

The Great Society

The Great Society
  • popular set of New Deal-type economic and welfare measures taken to change the American way of life
  • The Other America 1962 - Michael Harrington; revealed drastic poverty rates in America

24th Amendment

  • Johnson noticed few blacks were registered to vote
  • Ratified January 1964
  • abolished poll tax in federal elections
  • Freedom Summer - blacks & civil rights workers joined together for a massive voter registration drive

Tonkin Gulf Resolution & Vietnam War

  • August 2nd & 4th - two U.S. ships off the coast of North Vietnam were allegedly fired upon
  • Passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution - lawmakers gave up war-declaring power & handed president pass to use further force in Southeast Asia
  • Operation Rolling Thunder - full scale bombing attacks on North Vietnam

Civil Rights Act of 1964 & Voting Rights Act

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964 - banned racial discrimination in most private facilities open to public, strengthened federal government's ability to end segregation in schools
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965 - outlawed literacy tests and sent federal voter registrars into southern states


  • Tet Offensive (January) - Viet Cong attacked 27 SV cities. Caused America to demand immediate end of war. Devastating amount of casualties
  • MLK Jr. (April 4) - Assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Robert Kennedy (June 5) - Shot and killed for pro-Israel views