Blue Whales

pollution and Humans have affected the blue whales

will the blue whales become extinct

Being so huge has meant the blue whale never really had to deal with predators, and therefore never evolved defensive measures against a threat. That’s a problem seeing as blue whales are listed as endangered, so measures have been taken to try and limit accidents (slowing down cargo ships and even adjusting shipping routes). However, new research by Stanford University has shown blue whales aren’t helping matters because of the way they do respond to an oncoming cargo vessel.

pollution is affecting the whales habitat

The impact of humans has now reached every square mile of Earth’s oceans and the implications are ominous for ocean creatures and humans alike. Scientists are finding higher and higher levels of man-made chemicals in marine mammals. Whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions are suffering dramatic rises in devastating and even deadly illnesses.

Blue Whales