The Old Man And The Sea

By: Ernest Hemingway

The Breakdown

Ernest Hemingway's "Old Man And The Sea" Showed a true fisher man with a boy companion never giving up and never stop from whats happened in the past but make a new past. After 84 days without a fish Santiago (aka the old man) nails the catch of his life in slow,heartbreaking and captivating piece "The Old Man And The Sea". Santiago catch is eaten by sharks on the way in. He pulls into the docks with nothing but a mesmerizing carcass of the once great fish. After 84 day of humiliation from peers they are stunned to see what he has caught. Santiago packs up,trudges to his cabin and closes the door. As Monolin (aka The Boy) denies his fathers word and goes with the "Old Man". Ernest Hemingway's "Old Man And The Sea" showed to always make a new past, and showed Forest Gump's wise words "Life is like a box of Chocolate you never know what your gonna get."

A Walk In Santiago's Shoes

Santiago has a poor life living in a shack only to wake up and not catch another fish. Manolin knows what the old mans going through and helps him through it even though hes forced to work on another boat because Manolin's father calls the old man bad luck. Manolin gives the old man food and shows true companionship, in a scene you can say the books about true friendship

Guaranteed To Be A Crowed Pleaser

I Recommend This Book To 12 And Up

Personally i enjoined the book even though some parts would repeat. The book put you in the background and made you feel as if you were there. Ernest Heming ways " Old Man And The Sea" was on of the best books i read if i had to rate it "1/10" it would be a 8.5/10.