FS2 Weekly News Letter

24th - 28th of March 2013

SPecific Area (Maths, Literacy, Understanding The World, Expressive Arts & Design)

Dear Parents,

Next week we will be learning about imaginary journeys, to write descriptive sentences. Eg. We will be going down a long, dark tunnel.. to use the correct tense of verbs in sentences. HFW for next week (that, with, all, we, can)... to recognize and say the sounds ( y, x, ch ). To differentiate between a thought bubble and a speech bubble.. to say the number that is one more than a given number.

Prime Areas (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication & Language, Physical Development)

To learn the difference between long and short sounds.. to work as part of a group and follow the rules.. to be able to accept that not everyone can be a 'winner'.


Reading books and HFW strips should be returned to school on a daily basis. Practice the HFWs with your child. PLEASE label all of your child's belongings as it's very difficult to organize them as the number of jackets, scarves and gloves increases in the classroom.

Talk Homework:

With Sports Day coming on Sunday, talk with your child about how to be a good member of their team. We need to support all of our fellow team members, praise their efforts and be supportive if things don't go our team's way.