Culture of Angola

The People

Angola has a population of around 11-15 million people. In Angola the official language, that is used in schools, goverment, and commerce, is Portuguese. Most of Angolans are Christians. Also Most Angolans are friendly, generous, and joyful.


Jose Eduardo dos Santos is the president, chief of state, and head of government in Angola. The prime minister of Angola is Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos Nando, he was appointed by the president. Angola has many resources including, oil, diamonds, gold, iron, timber, and fish. Angola's oil industry is responsible for around half of its GDP and 90 percent of its exports. You are required to go to school through sixth grade.

At A Glance

A contagious virus, between March and May 2005, killed nearly 300 people. This virus, Marburg, is a form of haemorrhagic fever. Almost all of those deaths, 90 percent, died within days. We still don't know the cause of this outbreak, although we think that the outbreak started by human consumption of contaminated wild animal meat.


In Angola most families have three generations living in one house. In Angola the head of the house would be the eldest man. Usually the family will all live in one room, with a kitchen being in a separate structure. Even though family members help out around the house the women are responsible for the household. In most families the children cook meals, carry water and firewood, and herd livestock. Where older children take care of younger siblings and cousins.