Nuclear Fusion

The world's new energy source.

May 5th, 2016

Dr. Amanda Miller and a team of energy professionals at the University of Whatitis claim to have discovered the key to unlocking the potential for nuclear fusion as an energy source.

What is Nuclear Fusion?

Fusion or Fission?

When thinking of nuclear power what usually comes to mind are the large cylindrical nuclear power plants. However, the energy produced in those factories is caused by nuclear fission, or the splitting of large, heavy atoms such as uranium. Nuclear fusion is a more efficient and cleaner form of nuclear power where two light hydrogen atoms are forced together which creates helium-- and energy. However, until the University's breakthrough, the conditions for fusion were too difficult to induce.

Just like with nuclear fission, there are safety concerns. After all, nuclear fusion is what powers the ultra impactful hydrogen bomb and even the sun. However, since humanity is using unclean forms of energy at an irreplaceable rate, it has become critically important to find an energy source that is sustainable and less damaging to the environment. Nuclear fusion might just be the answer.

Without the current restrictions on energy production, technology may evolve at an exponential rate. With the abundance, energy prices would also drop, making it easier for poorer regions of the world to have access to electricity and all of its benefits.