The Goosebumps Chronicles

R.L.Stine 1992 Scholastic Inc 122 p.g


There are two kids named Casey and Margaret and they were playing Frisbee but then went into the house there dad is Mr. Brewer and he is a scientist and he is always in the basement that day Casey and Margaret went down in the basement when there dad was down there and there dad doesn't like no one down there so they got yelled at. The next day there mom Mrs.Brewer had to go to go to see her sister she is in the hospital in she has to take plane to get to her sister. Mr.Brewer is taking her to the airport Margaret's friend comes over Diana when there mom and dad leave Margaret, Casey, and Diana decide to go in the basement when they go in the basement they see tons of lights and the are bright they see tons of plants the hear moaning and it was the plants. Casey got hot so he took of his shirt and throw it on the ground they seen boxes that look like phone booths. the herd there dad's car pull up the drive so the ran out of the basement. When they got up Diana ran home. Then Casey remembered he forgot his shirt so he got it. There dad caught them they did not get yelled at. One morning Margaret got up to get breakfast she seen her dad eating something her dad left and he was eating dirt. later that week they were at Diana's but then left to go back home and Casey seen his dad and through a Frisbee at him and it knocked off his baseball cap and they seen there was leaves growing out of his head.He ran to them and he talked to them and said it's just a side affect for his experiment he is trying to make plants breath and talking plants. A couple of days later Margaret hears his dad in the bathroom and he is bleeding but it is green. The next day Mr.Martez is Mr.Brewer's old boss came and the went to the basement later the next day Mr.Brewer went to the airport to get Mrs.Brewer when Mr.Brewer leaves the kids go into the basement and the find Mr.Martinez's clothes then hear banging on a wall in the closet when they opened the door they seen their real dad and Mr.Martez then the fake Brewer came and their real dad grabbed a ax and cut the fake Brewer later that night Mr.Brewer and the family eat dinner and Mr.Brewer talked about what happened and how they are going to make the basement a game room.Then one day Margret went in the garden and a plan said Margret its your dad your real dad.
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What I think about it

It was a real good book its real cool and I would give it a 5 star

Character Description

Margaret: Doughtier

Casey: Son

Diana: Margaret's friend

Mr.Brewer: Dad

Mrs.Brewer: Mom

Mr.Martez: Mr.Brewer's old boss.

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R.L.Stine, auther