Welcome to Bakersville , NC

Located in the mountains of Mitchell County

"A place to love , A place to grow, A place to succeed"

Mitchell County is located in the Mountain region of the state. The bordering counties are: Tennessee, Minnesota . Mitchell County was founded in 1861 and is named after Elisha Mitchell, professor in math and science by falling to his death on a waterfall on the side of the mountains.
Big Tom Wilson explains the search for Dr. Elisha Mitchell in the Black Mountains

Are you Interested in who is running for government and how they are running things????

well you should come to the next Board of Commissioners Meeting(: . The Board’s major responsibilities include adopting the annual County budget, assessing and establishing necessary things that the community needs, especially those related to health, education, welfare, mental health. The Mitchell County Board of Commissioners is composed of five members elected at large for a period of four year staggered terms. The current County Manager is Charles E. Vines shown on the bottom of this para graph.
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Would you like to know what kind of fun things there are to do in Mitchell county ????

Fun that will help you find a better you(:!

Blue ridge mountain go test you abilities , water rafting ( in watauga river) enjoying your exciting side for once don't be scared have fun and , go hiking in the mountains victory trail and have time to think and figure out things about your self that you never knew way to relax and love the outdoors.

In bakersville there are a couple fun things to do are you interested ?????

Crimson Laurel Gallery is a good place to come visit and look at the beautiful art that is there , also there is

The Bennett Classics Antique Car Museum which is only 2 miles aways from bakersville.

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So come out and have fun i see you there :)