Weekly Focus

Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's Getting Busy!

  • Thank you to everyone who got here early for MAP training and who helped cover duties!! Also, thank you to everyone who helped with PK/K screening!
  • I LOVED seeing such great collaboration at the PLC meeting today. Listening to each groups list of things we did really well and what we need to work on for next year proved we are all on the same page. There was so much consistency between the groups. There is so much we should be proud of and looking at what we do well proves it! I think Teresa was so right when she said we really love these kiddos and it shows! I'm very happy to be a part of this team!
  • Next week PLC will be Curriculum - Math and ELA - Last one of the year for these teams. One more PLC meeting after that and it will be an all staff breakfast to celebrate the year!
  • I will be happy to help anyone or any grade level to work on next year's Growth Plan. Just let me know! 2016/2017 Growth Plan will be due before you leave for the summer. You can find a sample in Edhub inside your NEE account.
  • Next year's indicators are:
1.2- Student engagement in subject matter

2.2- Student goals

4.1- Instructional strategies leading to student engagement in problem-

solving and critical thinking

5.1- Classroom management techniques (Positive Classroom Environment -

The teacher uses an understanding of individual /group motivation and

behavior to create a learning environment that encourages active

engagement in learning, positive social interaction, and self-motivation.

  • April 25 - Fire Inspection - No one should have candles, Scentsy, or plug-ins. Also, make sure all closets that have furnace, wires or such can be accessed and empty of your belongings.
  • Last day I-Ready will be available for teacher or student use will be April 29. This is because it was a pilot, Which was much cheaper than a regular subscription. Ms. Halbert we need to figure what to do about your one student.
  • 2015/16 PD Plans - Please fill out the last part (Results) and your Follow-Up Score. When finished, please schedule a time to meet with me to go over it. Have this turned in by May. Thanks
  • I know we have a little time before the end of the year, but it will come oh, so fast! I wanted to let you know that I am requesting that you do your inventory typed. I would really love it in a Google Doc, so if there was a fire it would be in the cloud, but you don't have to. Your inventory should have Item, Amount or Number of, Condition, and Title columns. I want you to check the Title column if you have an item in you were given paid out of Title funds this school year. You do NOT have to go to previous years title supplies, just this year. Any questions, see Kelley, Rhonda, or me.

FYI - I-Ready toolbox will expire on April 8th. Please print everything you need before then!

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Dates to Remember

Mark it on Your Calendar!


6-8 - K & PK Screening at First Baptist Church

14 - Faculty Meeting

15 - PK Graduation Pictures

18 - Spring Concert, 6 pm

21 - Big Springs Dental

22- Volunteer Lunch

27 - 2nd Grade Field Trip to Meramac Springs

26 - May 5 - MAP testing

26 - PK Graduation, 6 pm


3 - 5th - MAP testing

3 - Kindergarten field trip to Grants Farm

4 - 1st Grade Trip to Purina Farms

5 - K-3 PBS Award / Lunch & play at Dillard Mill

6 - Kindergarten Fire Truck

6 - Ozark Day

9 - K-3 Play Day

9 - 5th grade to Science Center

10 - 4-6 Play Day

10 - 3rd grade field trip to the Zoo

12 - DARE Activity Day

11-13 - 6th grade YMCA Trip

17 - 3rd-6th grade MAP award trip

18 - 4th-6th grade Awards Assembly - K-3 MP room

18 - Last day of school