Aquatic Adventure

Where the splashing never ends!

What is Aquatic Adventures?

Aquatic Adventure is a family-fun water park for everyone to enjoy. Tickets are $50 for adult and $20 for children. On Saturdays children get in free! Hotel reservations are $70 and $10 per night. We have a mall, restaurants, and more. Here we have Molly the Manatee and her friends. We also have the legendary Ramen taco! Not only do we have manatees and Ramen tacos,we also have the latest attraction, the Hydro Blast! Now that you know more about our amusement park, come on down to Aquatic Adventure: Where the splashing never ends!

Who can I contact or go to for more inoformation?

  • You can go to
  • You can call (727)- 209- 6743
  • You can e-mail to aquatic@outlook.adventure
  • Where is Aquatic Adventures located?

    Where is it located?

    66098 Cotton Rd., 34690, Hawaiian Gardens, California.