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In the Locker Room By Colin Richard

Many coaches lose their temper after a loss in the locker room, but when they win is a different story. Many players in the locker room are very excited, but not only players, the coaches too. Seattle Seahawks have had many close wins, but also many close losses. For example against the Cincinnati Bengals it was over time and they receive, a score would win the game, but Cincinnati managed to stop them and kick a field goal to win the game. The Seattle Seahawks pulled of a very close win against the Minnesota vikings in the wild card round of the playoffs. They won by the Vikings missing a field goal. The Seahawks had a very strong celebration in the locker room after winning the game.

Seattle Seahawk coach, Pete Carroll had a very pumped up speech after a win. He talked about the confidence Seattle had and how they never gave up. According to Seattle Times, "Coach Pete Carroll told his players, '“your attitude about it was so freaking strong”' (Nick Eaton) This meant that the players never gave up hope and had a positive attitude the whole game.

The Seattle coach also talked about how they can not win a game in the first, second, or third quarter. According to Seattle Times, "He said '“you win the game in the fourth quarter”' (Nick Eaton) This is how Seattle wins most of their games because they are down in all other quarters and come back in the fourth. He also said “we will never, ever play another game like that.” He said this with the thought that we will never have a close game like this again.

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Coach Pete Carroll celebrating after a wildcard win against the Vikings

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Baseball History is Neat By: Drew Meetze

Baseball started before the American Civil War. The place where the baseball players played baseball were called sandlots.

Baseball stadium